Criminal Minds Seasons 1-8 DVD Box Set

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Criminal Minds Seasons 1-8 DVD Box Set refers to various psychological activities or psychological factors that influence and dominate perpetrator’s criminal conduct. Criminal Minds is the intrinsic motivation and domination power of a crime. Psychological crime is the external representation of a crime. Criminal Minds is a psychological suspense thriller with a group of elite coming together to analyze the criminal psychology of the country’s most intractable comic crime, and to predict their next move before they assault again.

Criminal Minds DVD Box Set is a set of crime drama series, first broadcasting in CBS on September 22, 2005. It is about the Holmes experience following a psychological profiling team of FBI in Quantico, Virginia. Different from other modes of crime drama classes, this one focuses on life experiences and psychological state of criminals.

Special Agent Aaron Hotchner is the team leader, a good man at home. He was always able to get people’s trust, and let them confess the secret in their heart. Here are some other experts: Jason Gideon, he was the FBI’s top behavioral analyst. Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid, a typical misunderstood genius, his social skills are very low but he had a high IQ; Special Agent Derek Morgan, an expert at mandatory criminal behavior; detectives Elle Greenaway, she had been sexually assaulted. Because of the experience, she makes a commitment to research and investigate this area. Each member will be responsible for investigation and analysis of their own areas. They pooled the results together, accurately analyzing of the offender’s motivation and emotional trigger causes, and then stop their violence again.

This drama of Criminal Minds Seasons 1-8 is very nice one. There is the name of a set of a movie. We can imagine how compact their story is. Now it has been aired to the sixth season, unfortunately the quality of this drama declines from the fifth season. A metamorphosis and serial murder case brings us not only the visual and psychological impact, but spiritual shock. There are many things that you can enjoy, like the meticulous technique, the spirit that even small details are also very concerned about, the actor’s ease interpretation, as well as audio scene. Appreciation for everyone is not the same direction, so you will get something different.